Most of the articles below are not law-related, but merely for entertainment.


“Driving While Weird” (Originally written for the LA Weekly)

“Battles Over Bumfights” (Hustler Magazine March 2003)

“The Feds Make Webmasters Eat Shit” (Hustler Magazine June 2004)

Rodney Dangerfield “Clear and Present Dangerfield” (Hustler Magazine October 2004)

Stangelyne (Bizarre Magazine #103)

Larry Flynt “The House That Flynt Built” (Hustler Magazine July 2002)

Vince Neil “Motley Dude” (Hustler Magazine August 2003, with Giddle Partridge)

Glen Danzig: He Ain’t No Goddamn Son of a Bitch (High Society Magazine)

Kathy Griffin “Riffin’ With Griffin” (Hustler Magazine December 2003)

Barbi Twins “Double Trouble: The Barbi Twins Exposed” (Hustler Magazine January 2004)

Christopher Guest: For Your Consideration (High Society Magazine)

James Denton “Desperate Plumber” (Men’s Edge February 2005)

Ping-Pong Revolutionary: Ed Ball (LA Weekly April 19, 2006)

Dancing Queen: Francine Dancer (LA Weekly April 19, 2006)

Orson Bean “Games Shows and the Orgone” (Mean Magazine July 2001)

Rip Taylor “The Beautiful People: The $1.98 Beauty Show” (Mean Magazine July 2001)

“Smear Factor: Joe Rogan on What’s What in Smut” (Hustler Magazine July 2002)

“G. Gordon Liddy: Patriot or Scoundrel?” (Hustler Magazine May 2003)

“Jenna Jameson Bares All” (Hustler Magazine February 2004)

“Lucky Pierre: Pierre Woodman” (Hustler Magazine February 2004)

Raiderette Danielle Gamba “Rah-Rah-Raw!: Raiderette Nude-Photo Scandal” (Hustler Magazine February 2004)

“Mary Carey: Our Future President?” (Hustler Magazine April 2004)

Paul Krassner (Hustler Magazine July 2004)

Kitana Baker “Miller Lite’s Catfight Girl” (Hustler Magazine July 2003)

“Bob Larson: Exorcist Extraordinaire” (Swindle Magazine #2)

“Neil Hamburger: Is This the Future of Comedy?” (High Society November 2005)

Szandora and Stanton LaVey (Bizarre Magazine #99)

Modern Drunkard’s Frank Kelly Rich: Drunk, and Proud of It (Rockstar Magazine June 2006)

Gennifer Flowers: From Clinton Mistress to Internet Matchmaker (High Society Magazine)

“Weird Band Alert: Zolar X” (Blender Magazine)

“Life After Rock: Rik Fox From W.A.S.P.” (Blender Magazine November 2005)

“Harvey Sid Fisher” (The Hooligan)

“Lee Hazlewood” (Scram Magazine 2004)

“NOFX and the Political-Punk Movement” (Hustler Magazine January 2004)

“Mini-Kiss” (Hustler Magazine January 2004)

“Portia Surreal” (Hustler Magazine January 2004)

“Re-Germinated” Germs Reunion Concert (LA Weekly March 19, 2004)

“Audioslave/Master Dialectic” (Lollapalooza Magazine)

“The Flaming Lips” (Hustler Magazine November 2004)

“Rock & Roll Cemetary” The Unveiling of the Johnny Ramone Statue (LA Weekly January 21, 2005)

“A Mother’s Love” Courtney Love’s Mom Book Reading (LA Weekly February 9, 2006)

“The Early Years of Courtney Love” (Rockstar Magazine June 2006)

“Driving While Bolles” (Web Exclusive)

“So You Want to Be a Paparazzo?” (Men’s Edge January 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Porn Agent?” (Men’s Edge February 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Hostage Negotiator?” (Men’s Edge March 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Repo Man?” (Men’s Edge May 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Corpse Retriever?” (Men’s Edge June 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Hand Model?” (Men’s Edge August 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Renaissance Faire Performer?” (Men’s Edge October 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Drunk Driver?” (Men’s Edge November 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Telephone Psychic?” (Men’s Edge December 2005)

“So You Want to Be a Tape Operator?” (Men’s Edge January 2006)

“So You Want to Be a Purple Dinosaur?” (Men’s Edge February 2006)

“So You Want to Be a Human Guinea Pig?” (Men’s Edge March 2006)

“So You Want to Be a Psych Meds Dispenser?” (Men’s Edge April 2006)

“Working Stiffs: Tales From a Real-Life Corpse Collector” (High Society October 2005)

“Mary-Kate and Ashley’s, Temporaily” (LA Weekly November 17, 2005)

“Terrorism: A Survival Guide” (Hustler Magazine February 2002)

“Sherman Austin Interview” (Hustler Magazine March 2004 (Co-Author))

“Toxic Troops: What Our Soldiers Can Expect in Gulf War II” (Hustler Magazine June 2003)

“Toxic Troops: What Our Soldiers Can Expect in Gulf War II Update for Project Censored” (Project Censored 2004)

“Presidents For Sale” Interview with Craig Unger) (Hustler Magazine November 2004 (Co-Author))

“Blood Money and War Profiteers: William Hartung Interview” (Hustler Magazine December 2004 (Co-Author))

Michael Ruppert Interview (Hustler Magazine January 2004 (Co-Author))

Chalmers Johnson Interview (Hustler Magazine October 2004 (Co-Author))

“Battles Over Bumfights” (Hustler Magazine March 2003)

“Continuing Education” Shirely Jones and Marty Engels Teach a Learning Annex Class (LA Weekly August 15, 2003)

“Free Energy Messiah” (Mean Magazine)

“Democracy vs. the FCC” (Janine Jackson Interview) (Hustler Magazine Holiday 2003)

“Howard Lyman: The Mad Cowboy” (Hustler Magazine July 2004 (Co-Author)

“If You Believe” Did Andy Kaufman Rise From the Dead? (LA Weekly May 21, 2004)

“Mickey the Mason: Club 33” Disneyland’s Secret Restaurant (OC Weekly February 14, 2003)

“Who’s Counting Your Vote?” (Hustler Magazine February 2004 (Co-Author))

“Trenchcoat Mafia Conspiracy” (Mean Magazine)

“The Fleecing of the Planet: Vijay Prashad Interview” (Hustler Magazine July 2003 (Co-Author))

George Monbiot Interview (Hustler Magazine August 2004 (Co-Author))

David Cay Johnston Interview n” (Hustler Magazine Holiday 2004 (Co-Author))

“Will the Real Dogtown Please Stand Up?” (Mean Magazine)

“Wingin’ It: Using Women as Chick-Bait” (Men’s Edge March 2005)

“The Gloves Are Off: Council District 11 Election Race Gets Downright Nasty” (Brentwood News April 2005)

“Food Fighters: The Wide, Wide, Wide World of Competitive Eating” (Men’s Edge May 2005)

“Pirates, Pimps, Artists and Anarchy: Hollywood’s Gershwin Hotel is a freak’s paradise” (LA Weekly April 29th, 2005)

“Unpop Art: The Bastard Child of Andy Warhol, or Day-Glo Cesspool of Depravity?” (Rockstar Magazine May 2006)

“3 Geniuses Manifesto” (

“Googlesexxx” (Web Exclusive)

“Heavy Metal Jesus Freaks: Headbanging For Christ” (Mean Magazine February 2001)

“The Raelian Files: Sex, Clones and UFOs” (Hustler Magazine January 2002)

“Fred Phelps Hates You” A rare interview with the man behind the “God Hates Fags” movement (Hustler Magazine September 2003)

“Holy Clones: Cloning–Sacred or Sacrilege” New Religions’ Take on Cloning (Mean Magazine April 2001)

“Scientology Gets the Beat” Open Microphone, L. Ron-style (LA Weekly December 5, 2003)

“Hold Your Demons” Exorcist Bob Larson Live at the Pasadena Sheraton (LA Weekly January 30, 2004)

“Embraceable You” Amma, the Hugging Guru (LA Weekly July 2, 2004)

“Bad Santa” Adventures with Christian Science puppet master/Christmas window muralist David Hart (LA Weekly December 17, 2004)

666: Mark of the Beast (High Society Magazine)

“Crunch Time for Crush Freaks: New Laws Seek to Stamp Out Stomp Flicks” (Hustler Magazine May 2000)

“Because They Can: The Risks and Rewards of Autofellatio” (Hustler Magazine January 2001)

“Men Without Balls” (Hustler Magazine May 2001)

“Shit Happens: Chocolate Lovers Deliver the Scoop on Poop” (Hustler Magazine June 2001)

“Peep-Show Show-Offs: Exhibitionists turn the tables on Strippers” (Hustler Magazine January 2002)

“Big-Clitted Freaks: The Joy and Thrill of Girl-Cock” (Hustler Magazine January 2003)

“Blood Lust: Menstruation Lovers Go With the Flow” (Hustler Magazine February 2003)

“The Feds Make Webmasters Eat Shit” (Hustler Magazine June 2004)

“Valley of the Amazons” Profile of photographer Bill Dobbins (Hustler Magazine June 2003)

Barbi Twins and Jeff the Pukemaster: “Barbi Twins Intervention” (Hustler Magazine August 2004)

“Please Puke on Me” (Bizarre Magazine #96)

“Sisters” Lynne Cheney’s Novel (Hustler Magazine)

“Minor Thrills in Cyber Space: Underage Tease Sites Play Ring Around the Rosy with The Law” (Hustler Magazine August 2000)

“Pubic Access: Homemade Cable TV Showcases Sleaze “ (Hustler Magazine October 2000)

“Cheap Thrills: Staying Stiff During Hard Times” (Hustler Magazine August 2002)

“Agents Pornographeurs: The Men Behind the Muff;” (Hustler Magazine September 2002, with Giddle Partridge)

“What’s in a Porn Name?: The Etymology of Blue-Movie Monikers” (Hustler Magazine April 2003)

“The Circus Comes to Town!: The Porn Invasion of Las Vegas Redux” (HEVG)

“XXX Catastrophes: When Sex Stars Bite the Big One” (High Society September 2005)

The Xxxorcist: Luke Ford (LA Weekly April 19, 2006)

“The Apprentice: Scooter Libby’s Lewd Literature” (Rockstar Magazine April 2006)

“The Gigolo Blues: The Truth Behind Male Whoring” (Hustler Magazine April 2001)

“Jizz For the Taste of It: Sperm Flavor Improvement” (Hustler Magazine June 2002)

“The World’s Largest Stripper Convention” (Hustler Magazine March 2003, with Giddle Partridge)

“Strippers Invade Las Vegas!” (HEVG)

“Ross Jeffries: Speed Seducer” (Hustler Magazine September 2004)

“Pink in Black & White” Review of Petals, Nick Karras’s Book of Photography (Hustler Magazine April 2004)

“The New Sex Slang” (Hustler Magazine September 2003)

“Slaves to the Scalpel: Plastic Surgery Addicts” (Hustler Magazine November 2002)

“She’s Freaky-Looking, But is She Art? An Interview With Orlan, the Human Sculpture” (Hustler Magazine November 2002)

“Who Killed Lolo Ferrari?” (Hustler Magazine September 2003)

“Mistress Rhiannon Goes Over the Top” (Hustler Magazine Holiday 2003)

“Make Love, Not Breasts” Porn star Mary Carey Protests Boob Jobs (LA Weekly August 25, 2004)